Confessions of a LinkedIn Profile Writer

Anyone who is in the business of writing LinkedIn profiles today knows that it is not an easy undertaking, nor an assembly-line process. There are no templates. A good LinkedIn profile writer will down to the core of an individual, find … Continue reading

LinkedIn Visibility Strategies for Lead Generation

Visibility on LinkedIn directly correlates to lead generation. Those who create a deeper and wider LinkedIn footprint will be in better position to reach more decision makers, form stronger connections, and acquire more clients. Yet many users self-handicap by keeping … Continue reading

Quality vs. Quantity on LinkedIn

The quality-versus-quantity argument regarding LinkedIn rages on. How much information is too much? Is a bigger network better? What constitutes excessive posting? Often, there is no logical manner in which to assess how people use the site; they just do what they … Continue reading

Message in a Bottle

Your content: You write it, speak it, record it, and then release it. Who will notice it, let alone take time to read, watch, hear, or respond to it? More importantly, will it net the kind of engagement that leads … Continue reading

Making the Move to LinkedIn Master

Gaining traction on LinkedIn is challenging enough. Performing well on the site involves the acquisition and application of specific knowledge and skills. Achieving LinkedIn mastery results from developing an appreciation for the art and science of social networking, ritualistically advancing … Continue reading

For the Truly Lost on LinkedIn

Whereas LinkedIn is considered as an indispensable component of business today, so many people remain confused as to how the site works. They might engage on a minimal level (if at all) before becoming overwhelmed by a sense of urgency … Continue reading

The Undeniable Presence of Brand

On Sunday, April 12, 2015, I had the honor and privilege of delivering my first TED talk, entitled “The Undeniable Presence of Brand.” The TEDxIIT 2015 event was held at the Tower Auditorium on the Main Campus of the Illinois Institute of … Continue reading

The Working LinkedIn Profile

During the course of my business day, I review many LinkedIn profiles. I am impressed by the various approaches that people take in populating (or not) each section of the document, and representing themselves. Most profiles are nondescript or skeletal. … Continue reading

Lessons in Reinvention from Matthew McConaughey

There I was, minding my own business, watching the 2014 Academy Awards, when Matthew McConaughey wins the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role. This was the icing on the cake for a guy who truly … Continue reading

The Psychology of the Young Adult Networker

Business networking is a learned skill, one that requires observation, practice and, often, coaching. Along with the trial and error of building rapport and trying to make a good impression comes the ruffling of a few feathers. Courteous to a fault, … Continue reading