Confessions of a LinkedIn Profile Writer

Anyone who is in the business of writing LinkedIn profiles today knows that it is not an easy undertaking, nor an assembly-line process. There are no templates. A good LinkedIn profile writer will down to the core of an individual, find … Continue reading

Thought Leadership Lessons from Mississippi Delta Bluesmen

The great Mississippi Delta bluesmen were the social media strategists and content marketers of their day. They were master storytellers who riffed on infidelity, alcoholic binges, migration, and desperation while pining for a better life in the throes of the … Continue reading

The Undeniable Presence of Brand

On Sunday, April 12, 2015, I had the honor and privilege of delivering my first TED talk, entitled “The Undeniable Presence of Brand.” The TEDxIIT 2015 event was held at the Tower Auditorium on the Main Campus of the Illinois Institute of … Continue reading