Making the Move to LinkedIn Master

Gaining traction on LinkedIn is challenging enough. Performing well on the site involves the acquisition and application of specific knowledge and skills. Achieving LinkedIn mastery results from developing an appreciation for the art and science of social networking, ritualistically advancing … Continue reading

The Thought Leadership Movement

I first remember hearing the terms “thought leader” and “thought leadership” in the late 2000s, when I was well into my career as a LinkedIn strategist. In today’s Digital Era, they are an integral part of the business lexicon. Fueled by … Continue reading

The Commitment to Excellence on LinkedIn

Success stories are being written every day on LinkedIn. Professionals all over the world are leveraging the site to win new business, step into new careers, and advance as thought leaders. The common thread for those who have realized a … Continue reading

Thought Leadership Lessons from Mississippi Delta Bluesmen

The great Mississippi Delta bluesmen were the social media strategists and content marketers of their day. They were master storytellers who riffed on infidelity, alcoholic binges, migration, and desperation while pining for a better life in the throes of the … Continue reading