Minimizing Errors of Omission on LinkedIn

Given the sheer volume of information that we need to process in order to be effective on LinkedIn, it is expected that errors will be part of the experience. Many errors associated with LinkedIn use are isolated occurrences and correctable. You … Continue reading

Social Networking Hypersensitivity

An allergic response can run the gamut from a mild, localized itch to an all-out assault on the immune system. Some allergies, as we know, can bypass a state of temporary discomfort, and can be debilitating or life-threatening. Specific foods … Continue reading

Lessons in LinkedIn Coaching from Charley Lau

Charles Richard “Charley” Lau (April 18, 1933 – March 18, 1984) was a professional baseball player who, by all accounts, did not have a remarkable playing career. He was an average hitter and a serviceable catcher who split his time … Continue reading